Seth Rogen is my Twitter Friend

Seth Rogen followed me on Twitter. Seriously, just a few minutes ago. I have 49 followers and apparently Seth is now one of them. 


Yesterday, I tweeted out an ad for my coffee table book, AnABCdery of Muskoka’s Historyin the hopes that it would spread some good shopping karma to the Twittersphere and I would be inundated with Christmas orders. Today, no orders, but a follow by Seth.


Now, in order to be truly transparent, I must admit that I’m not 100 % sure it is the real Seth. In this world of fake lips, fake boobs and fake news, I believe I may have become Twitter friends with a fake Seth. According to that official space under your Twitter name, which I’m sure has a term, but of which I lack the knowledge, my Seth is indeed an actor, although he lives in Canada and just joined Twitter last month. He is following 4,999 people but only has 97 followers himself. I sent him a private message to thank him for the great honour of following losttogetherbks and he had the gracious manners to issue a prompt reply:


Hello fan welcome to my private page please don’t be confusing because I only have two profiles..The first profile is my official page which has the blue mark and the second one is this particular one that I’m sending you message from so therefore any other page u see apart from these pages is a fake page


So, not only is my little Twitter account part of Seth Rogen’s universe, I have access to his private page. I wonder if he will buy my book and turn it in to a Netflix series. I was really hoping to sell my new, as of yet unrepresented and unpublished novel to Reese Witherspoon and have her build a Netflix series around it, but Seth, as Alexander P. Cockburn, founder of the Muskoka Navigation Company could be even more exciting.  To quote himself, “Good comedy doesn't have to be a comedy idea.”Clear pronunciation is key for the theatrical development of this coffee table book. I hope Seth can master the elocution necessary for all of the alphabetical alliteration. 


I’m not sure which Seth is my new bosom friend, movie actor with 97 followers or “I….Tweet!!!!!!!!!” afficionado with 7.7 million followers, but I’m happy with both. Aside from both hailing from Canada, one of them painted and donated a paddle to Camp Oochigeas for the paddle auction - a cause very dear to my heart – and the other one totally made my day.

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