My Little Babies

My wonderful support at Fulcrum CC, the people who bring you this funky website, recently had a baby. A gorgeous baby boy. She has left me to tend to him, which leaves me a bit bereft, but thanks to Facebook, I can see both of them regularly. He is scrumptious!

Having a baby is not dissimilar to writing and publishing a book. Especially if you do the baby part the way I did and it takes much longer and much more support than the nuns warned you about in high school. The conception of our daughter required hours upon hours of research, and months upon months of baby-making opportunities, doctors, clinics, and more baby-making opportunities. Then we had the over-the-moon joyful excitement of discovering that all our hard work and commitment had taken shape and there was definitely a little someone growing inside me. I nurtured and cared for the little gaffer and myself until she arrived and monumentally changed our lives in the best possible way.

Writing a book requires hours upon hours upon days upon months of research, typing, editing, writing and re-writing. There is a moment when the book actually begins to take shape and then it grows with constant nurturing and attention. When An ABCdery of Muskoka’s History came off the press, I felt like I was holding another child in my arms. This baby was born in my brain, came to life through my hard work and dedication and, under the guidance of a supreme group of specialists, was dispatched into the world and again changed my life.

Now, Lost Together Publications is about to launch another book into the reading world. The stunningly beautiful collaboration of author Leslie Zemla, illustrator Mia Savage and art director Jenny Armour will be out at the end of the month, when Leslie’s children’s picture book, *My Home is My Castle* comes off the McLaren presses.

A version of the childbirth analogy holds true for this aspect of publishing as well. The baby in our family is adopted. I did not give birth to him. We filled out reams of paper work, met with social workers, doctors and lawyers and travelled to exotic locales in order to complete our family with our beautiful son. Publishing a book by another author involved many of the same processes albeit substituting literary specialists for adoption workers. I did not conceive this book in my brain, but I could not be more honoured than to be trusted by Leslie to help her bring her baby into the world. I’m so proud of this new addition to the Lost Together family and cannot wait to share it with all of you at the end of the month.


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